Calcorp Resources Inc.

About us

  We provide services to reuse and/or reclaim spent metal Catalysts. We are a team of ten experienced personnel whose expertise in various relevant fields help us operate on a worldwide basis.

  Calcorp Resources Inc. is engaged in purchasing and marketing secondary recyclable materials for reuse, and/or reclamation of metals. We serve chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and petrochemical industries, and operate on a worldwide basis.

  Secondary materials we generally market consist of spent materials (e.g. non-ferrous metal catalysts), byproducts, off specification chemicals, scrap non-ferrous metal alloys, and materials collected by pollution control equipment.

 We comply with all regulatory provisions and regulations promulgated by Texas Commission On Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the US EPA for the management of recyclable hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We accept and reclaim Precious Group Metals containing secondary materials that are characterized as Hazardous Waste.